The cleaning, disinfection and chlorination of water systems is an essential activity that helps maintain good standards of water hygiene, especially in domestic and commercial water systems where microbial contamination can lead to water quality issues.

Cleaning and chlorination services involve the addition of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite), a cost effective but very effective disinfection, to a water supply at a specific concentration, and for a specific period in order to clean and disinfect the water system, pipework and water storage tanks.

Chlorination of a water system in this way is tried-and-tested way of disinfecting water systems and their constituent parts, helping to kill dangerous waterborne pathogens including E.coli, coliform and Legionella bacteria that may have contaminated the water system including its outlets, distribution pipework, water storage tanks etc.

Water Tank Chlorination & Disinfection
Water Tank Chlorination & Disinfection

Water treatment using chlorine has been used to clean and disinfect water systems successfully in the UK for over one hundred years and now forms an important disinfection process identified in a number of key standards including BS EN 806-5:2012, BS8558:2011 and BS PD 855468:2015.

These British Standards deal with the design, installation, testing, operation, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of drinking water services inside buildings

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