Chlorination is the process of using chlorine to disinfect water systems, through the oxidation of micro-organisms present in the system. This process effectively keeps water systems clean and hygienic, ensuring users of the system are not subjected to any health issues.

At Britewater, we are a specialist water chlorination company, conforming to British standard BS8558 and BSEN805 (formally BS6700). We are here to serve our clients across the Ireland and The UK .

It’s important to keep water systems clean and hygienic at all times. Chlorination is especially required in water systems where the following have been applied:

In any new installations as part of a building’s commissioning procedure.

  • Where extensions or alterations have been carried out to the water system.
  • If microbiological sampling provides a positive result on an existing system for high counts of harmful bacteria such as Legionella or e coli.
  • If contamination within the water system is suspected, e.g. discolored water.
  • If the water system has not been in regular use and therefore the pipe work has not been flushed regularly.

Once the process is complete, we carry out extensive water testing services through a UKAS/INAB certified laboratory, giving you complete peace of mind that your water system is being cleaned to the highest standard.

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